General Information and Variability Data of DT
Gene Name ABCC5
Protein Name Multidrug resistance-associated protein 5
Synonyms ABC33; ABCC5; ATP-binding cassette sub-family C member 5; EST277145; MOAT-C; MOATC; MRP5; Multi-specific organic anion transporter C; SMRP; pABC11
Gene ID
UniProt ID
DT Family ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Superfamily
Drug Conjugate Transporter (DCT) Family (ABCC)
Tissue Specificity All isoforms are equally expressed in retina.
Function This transporter acts as a multispecific organic anion pump which can transport nucleotide analogs.
Disease(s) Colorectal cancer [ICD-11: 2B91]
Cytomegalovirus infections [ICD-11: 1D82]
Malignant pleural mesothelioma [ICD-11: 2C26.0]
Cholangiocarcinoma [ICD-11: 2C12.10]
Genetic Polymorphisms & Epigenetic Regulations of DT
Species-, Tissue- and Disease-specific Protein Abundances of DT
Exogenous Factor Altering DT Activity
Approved Drug(s) Transported by This DT Adenosine Drug Info Anxiety [ICD-11: MB24.3] Approved [1]
Fluorescein Drug Info Ocular disease [ICD-11: 9E1Z] Approved [2]
Fluorouracil Drug Info Stomach cancer [ICD-11: 2B72] Approved [3]
Folic acid Drug Info Vitamin deficiency [ICD-11: 5B55-5B7Z] Approved [4]
Ganciclovir Drug Info Cytomegalovirus infections [ICD-11: 1D82] Approved [5]
Gemcitabine Drug Info Cholangiocarcinoma [ICD-11: 2C12.10] Approved [6]
Irinotecan Drug Info Colorectal cancer [ICD-11: 2B91] Approved [7]
Mercaptopurine Drug Info Acute lymphoblastic leukemia [ICD-11: 2B33.0] Approved [8]
Methotrexate Drug Info Leukemia [ICD-11: 2A60-2B33] Approved [4]
Pemetrexed Drug Info Malignant pleural mesothelioma [ICD-11: 2C26.0] Approved [9]
Endogenous Substrate(s) 5'-FUMP; 9-(2-phosphonylmethoxyethyl)adenine; Antimonial tartrate; Folic acids; Glutamate derivatives; Glutathione conjugates; Nucleoside analogues; Nucleotide analogues; Organoanions; Reduced folates; cAMP; cGMP
Endogenous Metabolites (EMs) Handled by This DT Octadecenylcarnitine EM Info Identified using HEK293 cells-ABCC5 [10]
Drug-DT Affinity Assessed by Cell Line
Drug(s) with Drug-DT Affinity Data Carboxydichlorofluorescein Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)-MRP5 Km = 11.6 microM [9]
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate Drug Info Chinese hamster V79 cells (V79)-MRP5 Km = 379 microM [11]
Folic acid Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)-MRP5 Km = 1000 microM [4]
Methotrexate Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)-MRP5 Km = 1174 microM [9]
Methotrexate Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)-MRP5 Km = 1200 microM [4]
Pemetrexed Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)-MRP5 Km = 281 microM [9]
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11 The multidrug resistance protein 5 functions as an ATP-dependent export pump for cyclic nucleotides. J Biol Chem. 2000 Sep 29;275(39):30069-74.

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