General Information and Variability Data of DT
Gene Name SLC10A1
Protein Name Sodium/taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide
Synonyms Cell growth-inhibiting gene 29 protein; NTCP; Na(+)/bile acid cotransporter; Na(+)/taurocholate transport protein; SLC10A1; Sodium/bile acid cotransporter; Solute carrier family 10 member 1
Gene ID
UniProt ID
DT Family Bile Acid:Na(+) Symporter (BASS) Family ;
Function This tranporter strictly dependent on the extracellular presence of sodium and exhibits broad substrate specificity and transports various non-bile acid organic compounds as well.
Disease(s) Hypercholesterolemia [ICD-11: 5C80.0]
Hypothyroidism [ICD-11: 5A00.2]
Hyperlipidaemia [ICD-11: 5C8Z]
Genetic Polymorphisms & Epigenetic Regulations of DT
Species-, Tissue- and Disease-specific Protein Abundances of DT
Exogenous Factor Altering DT Activity
Approved Drug(s) Transported by This DT Cerivastatin Drug Info Hyperlipidaemia [ICD-11: 5C8Z] Approved [1]
Estrone sulfate Drug Info Menopausal symptoms [ICD-11: MF32] Approved [2]
Liothyronine Drug Info Hypothyroidism [ICD-11: 5A00.2] Approved [3]
Pitavastatin calcium Drug Info Dyslipidaemias [ICD-11: 5C8Z] Approved [4]
Rosuvastatin Drug Info Hypercholesterolemia [ICD-11: 5C80.0] Approved [5]
Withdrawn, Discontinued or Preclinical Drug(s) Transported by This DT Sodium taurocholate Drug Info Type 2 diabetes [ICD-11: 5A11] Preclinical [6]
Taurocholic acid Drug Info Type 2 diabetes [ICD-11: 5A11] Terminated [7]
Endogenous Substrate(s) Bile acids; Bile conjugates; Steroids; Cholate; Tauroursodeoxycholate
Endogenous Metabolites (EMs) Handled by This DT Bile acid unspecific EM Info Identified using mouse NASH model [8]
Drug-DT Affinity Assessed by Cell Line
Drug(s) with Drug-DT Affinity Data Estrone sulfate Drug Info Human cervical cancer cell line (Hela)-NTCP Km = 27 microM [2]
Pitavastatin calcium Drug Info Oocytes-NTCP Km = 15.1 microM [4]
Rosuvastatin Drug Info Human cervical cancer cell line (Hela)-NTCP Km = 65 microM [5]
Sodium taurocholate Drug Info Human cervical cancer cell line (Hela)-NTCP Km = 7.5 microM [2]
Sodium taurocholate Drug Info Human cervical cancer cell line (Hela)-NTCP Km = 7.9 microM [7]
Sodium taurocholate Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)-NTCP Km = 2.1 microM [6]
Taurocholic acid Drug Info Human cervical cancer cell line (Hela)-NTCP Km = 7.9 microM [7]
Taurocholic acid Drug Info Oocytes-NTCP Km = 6.2 microM [9]
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2 Ethnicity-dependent polymorphism in Na+-taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (SLC10A1) reveals a domain critical for bile acid substrate recognition. J Biol Chem. 2004 Feb 20;279(8):7213-22.
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