General Information and Variability Data of DT
Gene Name SLC43A1
Protein Name L-type amino acid transporter 3
Synonyms LAT3; Large neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 3; PB39; POV1; Prostate cancer overexpressed gene 1 protein; R00504; SLC43A1; Solute carrier family 43 member 1
Gene ID
UniProt ID
DT Family Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS)
L-Amino Acid Transporter-3 (LAT3) Family
Function This sodium-independent transporter is for neutral amino acids and has narrower substrate selectivity compared to SLC7A5 and SLC7A8 and mainly transports branched-chain amino acids and phenylalanine. Plays a role in the development of human prostate cancer, from prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia to invasive prostate cancer.
Genetic Polymorphisms & Epigenetic Regulations of DT
Species-, Tissue- and Disease-specific Protein Abundances of DT
Exogenous Factor Altering DT Activity
Approved Drug(s) Transported by This DT L-phenylalanine Drug Info Dietary shortage [ICD-11: 5B7Z] Approved [1]
Clinical Trial Drug(s) Transported by This DT L-leucine Drug Info Major depressive disorder [ICD-11: 6A70.3] Phase 2 [1]
Withdrawn, Discontinued or Preclinical Drug(s) Transported by This DT L-valine Drug Info Traumatic brain injury [ICD-11: NA07.Z] Preclinical [1]
Endogenous Substrate(s) Amino acid alcohols; 3'-Iodotyrosine
1 Identification of a novel system L amino acid transporter structurally distinct from heterodimeric amino acid transporters. J Biol Chem. 2003 Oct 31;278(44):43838-45.

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