General Information and Variability Data of DT
Gene Name SLC38A9
Protein Name Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 9
Synonyms SLC38A9; Solute carrier family 38 member 9; URLC11; Up-regulated in lung cancer 11
Gene ID
UniProt ID
DT Family Amino Acid/Auxin Permease (AAAP) Family ;
Function This transporter involved in the activation of mTORC1 in response to amino acid levels. Probably acts as an amino acid sensor of the Rag GTPases and Ragulator complexes, 2 complexes involved in amino acid sensing and activation of mTORC1, a signaling complex promoting cell growth in response to growth factors, energy levels, and amino acids. Following activation by amino acids, the Ragulator and Rag GTPases function as a scaffold recruiting mTORC1 to lysosomes where it is in turn activated. SLC38A9 mediates transport of amino acids with low capacity and specificity with a slight preference for polar amino acids. Acts as an arginine sensor. Following activation by arginine binding, mediates transport of leucine, tyrosine and phenylalanine with high efficiency, and is required for the efficient utilization of these amino acids after lysosomal protein degradation.
Genetic Polymorphisms & Epigenetic Regulations of DT
Species-, Tissue- and Disease-specific Protein Abundances of DT
Approved Drug(s) Transported by This DT Arginine Drug Info Growth hormone deficiency [ICD-11: 5A61] Approved [1]
Endogenous Substrate(s) Na+
Endogenous Metabolites (EMs) Handled by This DT Amino acid unspecific EM Info Identified using MAC-T cells [2]
Drug-DT Affinity Assessed by Cell Line
Drug(s) with Drug-DT Affinity Data Arginine Drug Info Human embryonic kidney cells-293T Km = 39000 microM [1]
1 Metabolism. Lysosomal amino acid transporter SLC38A9 signals arginine sufficiency to mTORC1. Science. 2015 Jan 9;347(6218):188-94.
2 Varying the ratio of Lys:Met while maintaining the ratios of Thr:Phe, Lys:Thr, Lys:His, and Lys:Val alters mammary cellular metabolites, mammalian target of rapamycin signaling, and gene transcription. J Dairy Sci. 2018 Feb;101(2):1708-1718.

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